ESBG 2017 in Venice / Italy: June 15 – 19, 2017

Stefano Soldati
Written by Stefano Soldati

The next ESBG in Italy will consist of hands-on-workshops, world-cafe, key-note speakers, presentations on Sunday (for the results of the world-café-discussions), a panel-discussion “from the field to build” on Saturday , an exhibition place for companies, free time for connection and networking, and an Award Competition on Sunday afternoon (architects/planners/designers are invited to design a simple, affordable one-room 50 m2-straw bale house). Before and after the ESBG (14th and 20th) there will be straw bale house tours.

The ESBG will also be open to Italian builders, professionals and non-skilled participants. For the simultaneous translation IT-EN the University in Venice will be a partner.

Tickets and budget will be more or less the same as in Paris 2015, tickets should be available in beginning of 2017.
Participants: as there is a lot of interest also from people from abroad, 200 or maybe 400 or more participants are awaited, as Venice is an attractive destination also for holiday.
Accomodation: There are 2 camping-places with the capability of 500 places each and places for tents/caravans or comfortable bungalows (2/4/6 beds, price about € 40,-/night/person). The camping places itself will manage the booking, as they are used also to foreign visitors and languages. So participants have to book the ticket and the accommodation separately.
Food: A catering-company, which is also used to more people, will provide the food.

Those who are interested to become or nominate a key-note-speaker, want to offer a practical workshop or lead a world-café-table are invited to send an email to Stefano Soldati (Promopaglia).
Award Competition: Italy/Promopaglia/LaBoa would like to invite students and professional designers and architects to design a small, affordable public building (1 room, about 50 m2). The goal is 1000 buildings for 1000 towns (which means 3% of the building market in Italy). Last year 100 straw bale buildings were built in Italy, but this amount should multiply in the future.

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