STEP Straw Bale Training for European Professionals

STEP Straw Bale Training in Austria: loadbearing straw bale
Written by Dirk Eberhard

Photo: STEP Training on practical building site in Austria (ASBN)

If you make national or international straw bale trainings or courses, if you want to be a trainer or want to participate in a European Straw Bale Training for Professionals you are right here.

Please tell us, if you offer trainings regional/local or international (english) in Europe.
Please send us your profile (who you are, where you offer trainings or are looking for additional trainers, tell us about the level – according to EQF or ECVET, if there is a funding for participants, the pricing and the language of your training). Write an E-Mail to and we will contact you soon.


The program of this years STEP-Training in

Austria, Germany and Spain:

Unit 1 (INTRO) Theory: 21.-23. February 2018, Ravelsbach, AT

Unit 2 (INFILL) Theory: 26. Feb.-2. March 2018, Ravelsbach,

Unit 2 Practice: 26.-30. March (Infill)/-6. April 2018 (Plasters, 5-10 days), Goggendorf/NÖ

Unit 3 (LOAD BEARING) Theory: 9.-13. April 2018, Valencia (please book your flights), ES
Unit 3 Practice: 16.-20. April Valencia (please book your flights)

Unit 4 (WRAPPING) Theory: 14.-17. May 2018, Ravelsbach, AT
Unit 4 Practice: appr. 13.-20./27. July 2018, DE

Unit 5 (FINISHES, PLASTERS) Theory: 3.-7. September 2018, Ravelsbach, AT
Unit 5 Practice: appr. 13.-17. August 2018, Ravelsbach or Ernstbrunn

Unit 6 (BUILDING PHYSICS): 17.-21. September 2018 (Extra Unit Heating/Energy Autarky: 24.-26. Sept.), Ravelsbach, AT

Unit 7 (DESIGN+ INSTALLATION): 22.-26. October 2018, Ravelsbach, AT

Unit 8 (COMMUNICATION, CALCULATION): 21.-23. November 2018, Ravelsbach, AT

Final Assessments: 24./25. November 2018 (or by agreement), Ravelsbach, AT

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