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Fachverband Strohballenbau Deutschland e.V., Artilleriestrasse 6 in 27283 Verden, DE

German Association for Straw Bale Building

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FASBA is the German National Association of straw bale building since 2002. It is a Non-Profit Organisation (NGO) with about 150 members and is active nation-wide. Its main objective is to promote straw bale building as innovative, sustainable building method with its large scale effects on reducing CO2 emissions. As part of its research based activities, FASBA accomplished various studies into the properties of straw bales as a building material, such as German building code, fire resistance testing, Lambda (insulation) value, acoustic insulation and compressive ability testing.

In 2014 FASBA published German straw bale code (SBR 2014). The FNR supported a research program to develop and publish a general approval for building with straw bales plastered on both sides. This was achieved with the use of the simulation program WUFI-bio. In 2016 the results of research will be implemented in a European Approval ETB.A EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) has been published to determine CO2 consumption of Strawbale architecture.

The association is very active on different levels, such as organizing and hosting conferences, seminars, workshops and exhibitions As part of Leonardo adult education program FASBA has developed a special national training for professionals “Fachkraft Stroh” with a curriculum of 200 hours involving trainers from other European SBB organisations. In 2017 this training will probably be recognized by the German chamber of craftsmen.